Why use our LCD and LED Display Products - To Save Time & Money

Built-in 10/100 Ethernet Connection
  • No add-on box. We use the full power of your IP connection. No custom protocols to learn or program. We use what your software uses. Web-services and XML. These are defined, controlled protocols. Since we use what you have, your learning curve is minimized.

Built-in web server
  • Sign configuration is done through Internet Explorer (IE). There you can define layouts, messages, thresholds and logic. All without having to install any software. You can even send dynamic Ad-hoc messages. So, anywhere you have access, you can control your display. This saves you time, money, and hassles.

Multiple dynamic message zones and layouts
  • Switch between single-line and multi-line use. Icons and graphics and none. Split the display into multiple cells. Do this time based or based on the values of your data. The display formats are built and saved on the display. No more tedious formatting of messages and tweaking with special characters. No more shifting of text as your data changes. Create your text, data, and message displays with the ease of a text editor. Can their displays do that - doubtful?. Leverage the power of your data. Make it work for you.

Thresholds 1:1 and 1:Many
  • We can change the color of your data dynamically as it updates, automatically. How many hoops do you have to jump through to make that happen, if you can even do that with their display? You set your ranges and colors once on the display, and you're done.

Built-in logic processing
  • Do you need a different message when an event or condition occurs? We can give it to you. Make your display look completely different when a machine goes down or some event occurs. Let your employees know immediately. Can their display do that?

Database/Program connections for data
  • Can they directly connect to:
    • Access, SQL Server, Oracle, more...
      Excel Spreadsheets
    Do they have an API for your internal, custom, software application?
    • We do. Our complete interface is available for you to add to your program and control the display directly. API: Windows DLL - VB, C#, C++
    Do they have RPG code examples to connect to your I-Series/AS-400 database?
    • We do. Contact us for the sample code.

Ethernet based PLC connections for data
  • Modbus TCP
    Ethernet IP - Available NOW!
    ProfiNet - coming soon

NTP enabled Real-time clock (RTC)
  • Network Time Protocol (NTP),have all your displays on the same time automatically. Connect to an internal or external NTP server.

Windows audio file support via external speakers
  • Don't just play polyphonic sounds or beeps. Use wav files and play via your sound system at a level people can hear.

Dynamic entry and exit effects
  • Add pizazz to your messages to catch your employees attention.

Multiple fonts
  • We have more than 40 to choose from. How many to they have? You can change fonts and color on a character by character basis if you desire.

Live Support by OCC

Simple and Flexible Setup

Large indoor LED display.

The IP64x160RG shown above is 64x160 pixels and our most popular display. Also available in Full-Color RGB..

Look at the display picture above. See the formatting, see the color differences. This is handled automatically on the display. Set it once and forget it. You can put as many as 12 lines of a 5 pixel high font or as few as 2 of a 32 high font or any combination in between on that display. You can have text and graphics intermixed as shown. Or just text or just graphics, it's your choice. You can even change between the different styles dynamically. It's just limited by your imagination.

Have you worked with displays before?
Have you not changed the layouts and messages because it requires to much effort or time? Have you ever wished you could group sets of displays and change them all at once? Do you wish you could send a message to all your displays even though they are not displaying the same things? We can do all this and more. Let us show you how unique, powerful, useful, and flexible our displays are for your application.

Build or Buy - Just ask yourself:
How many man hours, weeks, months will it take to program and test any of our built-in features on their display. How long is it going to take to implement their solution? What if you need changes? Will you be able to do it yourself or will you have to call in the manufacturer or a consultant. Just imagine how much time and money you will save on implementation alone. Will you have to maintain a PC when you're done? Let us show you a quicker, more cost effective, flexible solution.

Be Efficient

Concentrate on what you do best: production, logistics, service... Let us help you make it more efficient, faster.

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Do you need dynamic, remote viewing of your display?
Then please look at our IPdesk product.

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