Delivering Real-Time Information from your Execution Systems Directly to Visual Display Systems.

Warehouse Management Systems

IPdisplays' displays can be sent data directly from your Warehouse Management System (WMS). In meeting efficiency and productivity goals people need data in real-time to make smart decisions quickly. IPdisplays' intelligent displays can process your raw data using onboard thresholds and soft business logic so your employees get the information in a Visual way the they innately can understand and act upon to best meet your production goals.

IPdisplays' Solutions are built from the ground up using a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA). Each Display can be sent data from dozens of different systems. Our intelligent displays can “share” data with other displays or our “virtual LED” dashboard software IPdesk.

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No Server Needed

Each Intelligent Display can take your raw data and using on-board Soft logic and thresholds, display the right information to help meet your productivity goals. By providing a system that does not require a server means.

  • NO MIDDLEWARE to massage data
  • Lower Cost per display
  • Better “Real-Time” data
  • NO SERVER or PC hardware to maintain
  • Direct Database connections
    • Access, SQL Server...
  • I-Series and AS-400 connections
    • Contact us for RPG sample code.

All IPdisplays devices have built in Web Servers that allow you to make configuration changes or add messages with any browser. Don’t spend money on software to update your displays, spend money on smart displays that don’t require external software.