• Open.
  • More Powerful.
  • Easier.

IPdisplays API

Our API is your open road to controlling or getting information from the  Signs.  Using XML and SOAP you have the ability to control the smartest signs on the planet. All aspects of the sign can be controlled with our API not just sending messages. In fact, the most used piece of our API is to simply update data elements stored on the display. These data elements may be part of a message or controlling some logic on the sign. You can call the application from any platform that supports SOAP including, Linux, IBM iSeries (AS/400) or a Microsoft system. The same API used to build our on-board web interface is provided giving you complete control of the sign. If you're an OEM providing an interface to the Signs or an end user updating messages or data to the signs this Open API provides everything you need. The best part of all it's FREE and provided with every display.

  • XML Based
  • The ultimate in flexiblity


Our “Virtual Sign” software IPdesk provides the same information displayed on the sign right to your desktop. For any employees that are not near signs, this software connects them directly to the sign and plays the same layouts and messages that are being played on your sign. As messages or Data are updated on the sign Ipdesk reflects these changes in Real-time. This is the perfect complement providing the same real-time information provided on the signs to persons not near the signs.

Features include:
  • Always on top
  • Variable Transparency

Display control including:
  • Advance to next layout
  • Advance to next message
  • Pause
  • Replay last message

  • Managers can see stats at their desk
  • Remote viewing over internet
  • Inexpensive: starting from $199 in qty.