Indoor LED Display Models:







IPLED16x96RG 16 96 6.9" 30.5" 2.5"
IPLED16x160RG 16 160 6.9" 50.7" 2.5"
IPLED16x224RG 16 224 6.9" 70.8" 2.5"
IPLED16x288RG 16 288 6.9" 91.0" 2.5"
IPLED32x96RG 32 96 12.1" 30.5" 2.5"
IPLED32x160RG 32 160 12.1" 50.7" 2.5"
IPLED32x224RG 32 224 12.1" 70.8" 2.5"
IPLED32x288RG 32 288 12.1" 91.0" 2.5"
IPLED64x96RG 64 96 22.0" 30.5" 2.5"
IPLED64x160RG 64 160 22.0" 50.7" 2.5"
IPLED64x224RG 64 224 22.0" 70.8" 2.5"
IPLED64x288RG 64 288 22.0" 91.0" 2.5"
Model numbers refer to the number of dots or pixels.
These are expressed as H x W or Rows x Columns.
Add "B" to the end of the model number for Full Color.

  • Tri-color (RG)(2047 shades of Red/Green)
  • Full-color (RGB)(65535 shades of Red/Green/Blue)
  • 8mm dot-to-dot pitch
  • Built-in 10/100 Ethernet - TCPIP
  • Built-in web server - web-based:
    • sign configuration
    • threshold, data, and logic configuration
    • layouts and message management
    • Ad-hoc message sending
  • Real-time clock (RTC), NTP enabled
    • NTP - Network Time Protocol
  • Windows audio file support via external speakers
  • Common language for messaging - easy programming
  • Multiple dynamic message zones and layouts with play list support
  • Dynamic entry and exit effects
  • Database/Program connections for data
    • Access, SQL Server, more...
    • Excel Spreadsheets
    • API: Windows DLL - VB, C#, C++
  • PLC connections for data
    • Modbus TCP
    • Ethernet IP (EIP) - AVAILABLE NOW!
    • ProfiNet - coming soon

See why we're a better, cheaper, more flexible solution than our competition.

Please look at our LCD player for near viewing applications.

For our LED display desktop emulator please look at our IPdesk product.

Using NO SERVER is better!!!

Large indoor LED display.

The IP64x96RGB shown above is 64x96 pixels and one of our most popular displays.

Look at the display picture above. See the formatting, see the color differences. This is handled automatically on the display. Set it once and forget it. You can put as many as 12 lines of a 5 pixel high font or as few as 2 of a 32 high font or any combination in between on that display. You can have text and graphics intermixed as shown. Or just text or just graphics, it's your choice. You can even change between the different styles dynamically. It's only limited by your imagination.

Greyscale LED Signs are: RG (5-bits Red and 6-bits Green) and full color RGB (5-bits Red and 6-bits Green and 5-bits Blue).

Each sign includes a USB flash memory stick that is used as a hard drive. It saves Messages, Layouts, and other vital information between power on/off cycles.

Outdoor LED displays are available now! Use them to convey information and data in hostile/rugged environments. See the Outdoor LED Display info.

Technical Info: Technical Support Documents.

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LED Displays size comparison chart.

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