Improve Contact Center performance by providing better visibility of Real-Time Key Business metrics.

Better Approach

LED displays have been installed in call center environments for years. Now there is a new, revolutionary standard that will instantly provide all of your operators with real-time, critical information, saving time and money – daily!.  IPdisplays solutions improve upon the traditional “Middleware” approach by eliminating the need for costly servers and IT expenses.  Each piece of hardware can be  configured to replace the functionality the traditional call center “Real-time” server. This dramatically reduces the operating expense and Total cost of ownership of our solutions.

Take action on Data

Using onboard soft logic and thresholds on our Displays and Desktop software, layouts and messages can be changed dynamically based on data or at the users discretion.  The displays can also be queried for its current messages and play lists.  See what your workers see no matter where you are.  Any areas within a layout may contain static or scrolling messages with entry and exit effects. Any message may contain text, data, a clock, or bitmaps.

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No Middle Man means better results

In addition to saving money by eliminating yet another server you need to maintain, our systems offer “non-stop” data as opposed to a server based system that can be thought of as “layover” system, servers acting as a layover between the originator of the data and it’s destination. IPdisplays systems inherently offer redundancy of the data paths, lowering the chances of a catastrophic failure of your real-time system. Displays can be configured to gather data independent of each other or share data in virtual “display groups”. Whether your data comes from traditional call switch, internal Database system, spreadsheets or a combination of the above, IPdisplays displays solution combined with our “virtual wallboard” software IPdesk can:

  • Increase worker productivity
  • Improve customer Service
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve workforce communications
  • Connect to Avaya CMS
  • Connect to Nortel Symposium
  • Connect to Cisco
  • Connect to Genesys
  • Lower cost to implement/deploy


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